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Statutory Compliance

Labour laws formed for the protection of the workers. It is the body of law which addresses the relationship between the employers and employee. Statutory compliance refers to the legal framework which organizations must follow to avoid the risk in business and safe there business from legal trouble.

In today’s legal business world it is difficult to maintain the compliance so on behalf of you we are there to take care of all you compliance responsibility. Rather keeping an extra guy to handle this it’s better to outsource.

Factories Act

PF & Misc Provision Act


Minimum Wages Act

Bonus Act

Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act

Professional Tax Act

Shop and Establishment Act

Labour Welfare Fund

Maternity Benefit Act

Payment of Wages Act

Other Labour Regulations as applicable for the establishment

Our Process

Benefits for you


Timely compliance

Reduce variable overheads

Avoid of penalty and scrutiny


Sound corporate governance